Air Conditioning Service Company in Austin, TX

An air conditioner in need of service and repair.

Service for Your AC in Austin, TX

If you do not have an AC service company that you can count on, this may be the time to find one. You never know when you are going to need their services, and you don’t want to be without a helpful company whenever you require their services. At Climate Masters, we can be this company for you. We are able to provide many services related to your air conditioner and HVAC system, so it will always work as well as it should.

As an Air Conditioning Service Company in Austin, TX, we know how important it is to have a working AC for many months out of the year. Let us assist you with this. Call us at (855) 725-4628 to learn more about what services we offer or with any questions you need answered.

AC Repairs and Installs

We are able to source many parts for replacing in your air conditioner, some of the most common parts that may wear out. This means when you work with us, our first answer won’t be to tell you to purchase a new AC unit. On the other hand, if you do have to get a new appliance, we are able to help you in determining what type you need for your home as well as what works with your budget. We can install your new AC too, and we will talk to you about a maintenance schedule for them.

We Can Handle Ductwork

We are also able to check your ducts to make sure that they are intact and working properly. This involves making sure they do not have holes, are sealed properly, and in some cases, we might need to add additional ducts into your house. We can put in regular ducts or mini-ducts, whichever your space calls for. It is necessary to have a properly functioning duct system, so the air can get exactly where it needs to go.

Clean Your Air

Another job we can complete for you is helping you with an air purification system, which will be able to clean the air all over your home. This can lessen germs and bacteria, and it may also be beneficial for those that have allergies or asthma. It can aid you in keeping dust and dander down, which are things that you don’t want to be breathing in at all. Ask us about how we can install an air purifier in your house.

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We Can Help Today

There are many things we can lend a hand with when it comes to air conditioners and making sure that they are keeping you and your family cool. We do what we can to repair ACs, we can install new ones, and we can also be sure that your ducts are fully intact, in order for your HVAC system to flow the right away. Besides that, we are able to help you with emergency repairs, which almost never occur at convenient times, and when it comes to cleaning up the air in your house. If you utilize us as your Air Conditioning Service Company in Austin, TX, you will be covered when in terms of each of these things. Keep that in mind when you need your air conditioner looked at. If you want to work with us, contact us at (855) 725-4628, so we can let you know when and how we can help you!