High Velocity Mini-Duct System

Ducts that may be seen in duct systems or HVAC systems.

Get More Ducts at Your House

There are times when the size of your house has changed over time or you need air in spaces that aren’t getting enough. This is a fix that should be handled by a professional company, so that the job is done right. We can perform jobs related to this at Climate Masters. We provide services related to High Velocity Mini-Duct System in Austin, TX.

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What are High Velocity Ducts?

Essentially a High Velocity Mini-Duct System involves a small duct system, which can easily be connected to your current duct system. The ducts themselves are just a few inches in diameter. They are called high velocity since the air will be able to get exactly where you want it to. Many people use this type of ductwork for small rooms in their homes or for areas that don’t get cool enough. They also work well in older homes, where there isn’t enough room for larger ducts. These compact ducts are able to fit in virtually any space and they are also easy to maintain.

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When it is time to get new ductwork in your house, this may be a solution for your needs. It is certainly a topic we can discuss with you, once you choose us as your air conditioning service company. We are qualified to handle a job related to High-Velocity Mini-Duct System in Austin, TX. We are able to serve anyone in the community, so give us a call when you need to. Just dial (855) 725-4628 and we will be able to tell you about how we can fix your air conditioner, improve your ductwork, or whatever else you want to talk to us about. We want you to know enough about the process to make a decision that you can be proud of, so contact us today for help!