Modern HVAC systems have added a level of comfort to our lives that we have grown accustomed to. What a wonderful thing to be able to control the temperature of our homes with the push of a button. However, as technology continues to advance, we find ourselves with even more options for heating and cooling our homes. Residential air zoning adds a whole new level of comfort and possibility to our lives.

Choosing an air zoning system expands the possibility for a more personalized experience in your own home. Air zoning works by allowing you to program certain temperature “zones” within your home or specific rooms. Because your basement naturally stays cool, you likely don’t need to cool the rooms there to 68 degrees in the summer. However, your third-level master bedroom with a south-facing window may need to be cooled to 66 degrees at night in order to keep you and your family comfortable. Most people simply close the vents in rooms that don’t need additional cooling or heating during certain months, but that can actually be harmful to your HVAC system.

Air zoning can solve the problem of one room being too hot while another is too cold. Professional installation of this control system, along with a thermostat for each room or zone in your home, could be the answer to your family’s constant fights over the thermostat. Call Climate Masters Air Conditioning Company today to learn more.