The place to start when you notice you have a heating or cooling problem in your home is to check the thermostat. Multiple problems with heating and cooling can be linked back to a faulty thermostat, such as issues with the settings or something as simple as dying batteries. If you’ve checked to ensure your thermostat is programmed correctly and you’ve recently replaced the batteries, but you’re still experiencing problems heating or cooling your home, the help of a professional will be beneficial.

The age of your thermostat will determine if a repair or a replacement is necessary. Outdated thermostats are usually not worth the time and money to fix. By fully replacing your thermostat, you open your home up to a world of new possibilities with an upgraded system that offers more control options and easy-to-read settings. In today’s world, some thermostats even gather data that can be sent to your smartphone or computer, so you can better understand the way you use your home’s heating and cooling system.

While you can troubleshoot some problems with your thermostat, if simple adjustments and battery replacements don’t provide the solution, call the experts at Climate Masters Air Conditioning Company for the professional help you need. We offer thermostat repairs and replacements in the Spring Woodlands area. Call today to learn more.